We are having an introductory sale

Black panoramic picture frame (sized 41”x17”) a signed and numbered limited edition (50) vintage aviation photo sized 36″ x 12″ within a White Mat Board.

$145 Plus Shipping

Go To http://www.csfotoimages.com and check out the “framed prints” page


I got that Ansel Adams Feeling

Thursday I went up to the top of Mount Lemmon in the Coronado National Forest in Arizona…. I wasnt expecting much as i’m not primarily a landscape photographer, but by time I came down off the mountain, I was a different person.

Below are just five black and white images I shot at Mt. Lemmon Trailhead nr the SkyCenter at the top of the mountain.

I’m a photographer so I am printing and selling signed prints of the images above.

12×18 on Satin Photo Paper – $30

16×24 on Satin Photo Paper – $45

24×36 on Satin Photo Paper – $60

Unframed, rolled in a tube and mailed out to the purchaser. Support a living artists, forget the dead ones, they don’t need the money.


Contact chris@csfotoimages.com – Tucson, AZ

Coronado NP

Panoramic view of the scenery in the Coronado National Park near Tucson, Arizona

We decided to take July 4th as a chance to visit Mount Lemon in the Coronado NP…… Lemons are sour and bitter, this one is a real treat, sweet, exciting and cool!

There is so much going on in the news that isn’t popular with many and just to get away from it all and to look at what bounty nature has given us, it surely has a calming influence on me and hopefully you too..

I’m heading back up that mountain next week to gather many new images for both stock agencies and for wall hangings…… ask me or check out my website (www.csfotoimages.com) next weekend and visit my gallery at Fine Art America.

Happy snapping all you photographers…..summer is here so keep cool and be cool.


Flying High

A glider flying along with a stormy sky behind it

Its July and we’re flying high in the businesses my wife and I run. I have been a “snapper” since I was 5 years old and a professional photographer since 1990, seen plenty of the World and plenty of eye opening situations.

I am 56 years old and feel like i’ve been around since the Titanic sunk! Sometimes its been a struggle, many years in fact, and their has been times it has crossed my mind whether to give up – anyone in the art/media business has been in the same boat – feast or famine…… Now we are feasting – a little that is….. always room for afters!

It takes time to build a business and you cannot buy experience. I think after nearly 30 years, my website shows my skills to potential clients. Please visit my new site, which I designed and built myself after numerous attempts at perfection:


we also own and built the following businesses, myself designing the websites

http://www.csfprinting.com           http://www.vintageposterco.com      http://www.jpwrightphotography.com





Happy July 4th Everyone


I know everyone is divided over politics, you either are or are not a Trump supporter, but lets remember what America is all about. This nation started in 1776 breaking away from British rule…… Lets celebrate our independence, be greatful for what we have.

My wife and I are celebrating our first July 4th in Tucson. We moved here in May and are happy in our new house. My businesses are doing well, the print Company (csfprinting.com) launched just three weeks ago and we’ve had over 20 orders so far…. My photographic company (csphotoimages.com) has sold over 50pics this month to magazines, newspapers and other media outlets…. The Vintage Poster Company (Vintageposterco.com) is expanding and we have 1100 posters and prints on offer to people in the US, Canada, the EU and UK…..

Lets put aside our differences and party on………

Vintage Aviation

As a photographer I have my personal loves. I shoot for my clients what they want and shoot for myself vintage ww2 aircraft.

The poor old B24 Liberator has always played second fiddle to the glamorous B17 Flying Fortress, yet for many ww2 pilots their “bird of choice” was the B24. Rugged, flies like a brick, yet able to withstand a beating from flak and enemy gunfire and return home.

Above are four images available to purchase from as little as $25 from our collection of aircraft at http://www.etsy.com/shop/VPCompany

We also have limited edition collector prints on Hahnemulhe paper signed and numbered (max print run is 100). These are availabe from http://www.csfotoimages.com