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I have always believed that you should update your website at least twice a year and for one, I update mine quarterly. So as I sprained my back on Monday, I thought it was an opportune moment to work on updating my website.

The most important thing about a website is it’s www name. If you are starting out you may forget that the longer the URL, the more chance that someone will mispell it and so they will see a page 404 instead of your site that you have spent many hours building it.

I made this mistake when I started by a website: http://www.csphotorestoration.co.uk

The second biggest consideration today you have to ask yourself is: One page or many pages?

Well as people now use their iPhones or iPads more and more, multi-page websites are no longer the way to go. I update a single page website that the viewer can just scroll down on his/her mobile device. People are busy, they don’t have time to find the link on their phones and possibly cannot see it anyway because it’s so small!


The next big question is what are you building a website for?

If like me you are a small business, you want that site to be easily navigated by potential clients. You want links to social media and other sites that probably would have been those multiple pages that you’d have designed years ago. For instance:

Why have an “about me” page? In todays world, you just add links to a Facebook business or LinkedIn. If you are a Photographer like myself, you probably either have images on Instagram or Pinterest. I for one have been in the stock photography business since 1994 so have links to my Agents….

Lastly, to blog or not to blog. Well it takes time to get one started but I believe that telling people about new additions to your website, be it services or new images, anything that you might be of interest to customers or followers who might be potential customers is a great idea.

Above all else make your website interesting and colorful.


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Born in England during the swinging Sixties, a photographer with over 25 years experience including two years as the Chief Archive Photographer for the Royal Naval Fleet Air Arm and many years of editorial, advertising, Commercial, Stock, Websites, Product and Travel/Tourism photography.

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