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Wednesday I talked about the idea of building your own website and the pitfalls of long domain names and single or multi-page websites.

Today I want to talk about software to build your site.

I am a photographer, a techie and a cheapskate! For starters, I don’t have hundreds of $$$ to hire some person to build me a website that might not be what they interpreted from my wishes and goals from a meeting. I also want total control over what photos are on my site, links and when I want to make changes.

So, whats the easiest wysiwyg software to use needing no knowledge of html coding and that looks good when you’ve finished?

Well, if you aren’t technically minded, feel totally confused about the whole process, then save yourself a headache and sleepless nights in front of your computer screen by going with Wix or WordPress. You can choose a template, get a domain name, an email and its all from one company with just one monthly or annual payment. They have pretty much simplified the whole process with a drag and drop set up and if you need help, you have a techi at the other end of the phone to help you.

For myself, I started building websites around 20 years ago so have some years of experience on what I want and how I want it to look. I started building my website using Microsoft Frontpage V1. It was a good program, easy to use, with a lot of recognizable tools and a design view associated with MS products such as Word. This was around until 2006 and I liked it very much but it wasn’t keeping up with trends and so frontpage sites began to look dated. In ’06 Microsoft decided to give it a facelift and call it Expression but it was just adding fresh lipstick to an old queen!

Today’s software choices are vast. In the beginning there just a handful, but now its confusing and costly as you can pay from $20 to $400. The biggest requirement I can see is any software worth purchasing has to offer platform conversion to include auto resizing for desktop, tablet and phone. Think about it, you design your site on your desktop, how many people use their iphones to view webpages? MILLIONS!

For my choice I use Adobe Muse. Its not the easiest of programs but if you have any other Adobe family members on your desktop it will be easy to navigate. It has a few limitations but it has a lot more to offer for those who want something different.

I have to say Terry White has some amazing step-by step- tutorial videos on Youtube. He shows you how to build a simple website and also how to improve your skills to create that website you’ve always dreamed about.

Whatever you software you decide to use, remember don’t make it hard to navigate and don’t over complicate thing. The more complicated you make it, the harder it is to fix and if something doesn’t work on a live site, people will just walk away.




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Born in England during the swinging Sixties, a photographer with over 25 years experience including two years as the Chief Archive Photographer for the Royal Naval Fleet Air Arm and many years of editorial, advertising, Commercial, Stock, Websites, Product and Travel/Tourism photography.

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