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Internet Marketing

OK, so you have decided on your website design, bought your domain name, bought a hosting package, built your website and launched it. Now what?

Well if you have added a counter to your website, you most probably haven’t seen the numbers move past 1….. You are confused, the site looks great and every link works, where are the visitors?


Now comes the hardest fact you will have to swallow about websites: You are just one of millions of websites and nobody knows where you are, you are a speck of sand in a desert. So what now?

Marketing your website. Go to Google and look for FREE SEO tools. prepare your site to be crawled by spiders, these are bots that seek out information such as  your keywords – if you type into google “Photographer” “Sarasota” for example, providing you have added these keywords to your site’s metadata, you will be seen on Google…

OK so getting yourself on Google, Yahoo and the thousands of other search engines, google “Free search engine submissions” and start adding your name. it helps but you still will only see a trickle of visitors. It takes time and you need to work on a blog, social media and good old fashioned business cards.

It’s not easy and there is no quick solution. The best way to get visitors is to pay social media for advertising. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Dont be shy, be proud of your business, drop business cards around, ask your family to help…. Your site is a landing page, its an airport for your visitors and if you are not on the map, they will just fly past you…. you have to light up that airport and shout “Look at me”

Good luck and keep thinking positive when you think all is lost… you will succeed.



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Born in England during the swinging Sixties, a photographer with over 25 years experience including two years as the Chief Archive Photographer for the Royal Naval Fleet Air Arm and many years of editorial, advertising, Commercial, Stock, Websites, Product and Travel/Tourism photography.

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