Happy Holidays


I want to wish all my FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest friends and fans a super “Happy Holidays” 2017 and may 2018 be as interesting (politically) and exciting as 2017.

I haven’t posted to my blog for a week as time has been in short supply! I have been preparing the foundations for a third business which i’m happy to announce is called CSFPrinting.

As a Photographer of many years and the former Chief Archive Photographer and Printer for the Royal Naval Air Service, the opportunity to expand my business into the World of Fine Art Printing is now here. We will be using the fabulous Canon ImageProGraf 44inch large format printer and Hamelmuhle papers

We will be launching a website early 2018 with a selection of size options and prices for photographers and artists alike to get their work printed from a company that prides itself on attention to detail and competitive prices.

More details to come, so keep looking for our blog posts….


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Born in England during the swinging Sixties, a photographer with over 25 years experience including two years as the Chief Archive Photographer for the Royal Naval Fleet Air Arm and many years of editorial, advertising, Commercial, Stock, Websites, Product and Travel/Tourism photography.

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