Vintage Aviation

As a photographer I have my personal loves. I shoot for my clients what they want and shoot for myself vintage ww2 aircraft.

The poor old B24 Liberator has always played second fiddle to the glamorous B17 Flying Fortress, yet for many ww2 pilots their “bird of choice” was the B24. Rugged, flies like a brick, yet able to withstand a beating from flak and enemy gunfire and return home.

Above are four images available to purchase from as little as $25 from our collection of aircraft at

We also have limited edition collector prints on Hahnemulhe paper signed and numbered (max print run is 100). These are availabe from




Big day at csfprinting


Today we are proud to say we finally launched csfprinting, a subsidiary company of csfotoimages. The website is live (, we have tested it but presume there is a few hiccups lurking somewhere – time will tell.

We offer high quality giclee prints on a variety of papers: Hahnemulhe, Canson, Innova and Kodak Professional. Prices range from $10 to $340 plus shipping. Both my wife and I are photographers with more than 30 years experience each. My wife is a brooks graduate who went on to be a studio photographer and prior to that, a wet printer for Photo-Impact in LA. Myself, I was the Chief Archive Photographer and  b/w giclee printer for the Royal Naval Fleet Air Arm and Newspaper photographer in England.

Visit the website, let us know if you find any gremlins or just want to say “Hi”, we are grateful for the contact. All questions are always welcome.



Chris and jenny at

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June is nearly here….

Very soon I will be launching csfprinting into the csfotoimages family. This will be a wide format printing company offering prints up to 40×60 on fine art papers such as Hahnemulhe and Canson and also on Kodak Pro satin paper.


Print prices will range from $5 for an 8×10 on Kodak paper to $340 for a 40×60 on Hahnemulhe photo rag paper.

Keep a look out for an announcement that we are up and running….

Fantastic prints at great prices with a personal service from a photographer and printer with over 25 years experience.


Today reaches 100F


If i have learnt one thing in Arizona, its hot…. I mean hot and when its hot you dehydrate.

I have spoken to people since we moved here and everyone says, wear a hat, don’t go out in the mid-day sun unless you have too and carry water everywhere….

I invested in a hat that is UV100 resistant and a self cooling water bottle..

Stay safe, stay cool and enjoy….




We have moved to Tucson


We moved lock stock and two smoking mufflers from Florida to Tucson AZ.

What a journey we had, my wife and I, I75 to I10, 2350 miles in a 34ft Uhaul truck and a 16ft car trailer….. we have bought a house on the East side of town and are settling into the low-humid lifestyle of AZ. Its a challenge to get used to this having left Florida which normally sees 60-95% humidity on a daily basis……

We are setting up new websites with exciting ideas and looking forward to a happy successful life within the business and personal communities.

More Later… just visit

and soon

2018 Time for a website update.


So we’ve been quiet for a while and there is good reason for that, we have building websites.

We are updating and creating exciting new sites for csfotoimages the photographic section and main company of Chris L Smith. We have started a second sister company to csfotoimages called csfprinting which is a wide format fine art printing company that will service artists, photographers and The Vintage Poster Company –  another sister company of csfotoimages selling vintage posters from 1900-1960.

We are building exciting new websites showing you that in 2018 we will be offering big, bold prints for your walls, offering handmade aviation style frames for our vintage plane images, shooting new images for stock in the West and we will be offering a bigger variety of vintage poster at competitive prices and bigger sizes.

Remember if you need high quality photography – 28 years experience, wide format printing or something to hang on that wall – reach out –