Today reaches 100F


If i have learnt one thing in Arizona, its hot…. I mean hot and when its hot you dehydrate.

I have spoken to people since we moved here and everyone says, wear a hat, don’t go out in the mid-day sun unless you have too and carry water everywhere….

I invested in a hat that is UV100 resistant and a self cooling water bottle..

Stay safe, stay cool and enjoy….





New Sites, Sights and Sunshine

Kinney Road in the Saguaro West Tucson Mountain area National Park in Arizona USA

Well, Arizona is something to behold. As a photographer, their are sights to be seen and sites to add my new images too. Go to my website for more.

A picture tells a story and a thousand words can say nothing…. I have one word to describe the scene above – Stunning. What do you think?

We have moved to Tucson


We moved lock stock and two smoking mufflers from Florida to Tucson AZ.

What a journey we had, my wife and I, I75 to I10, 2350 miles in a 34ft Uhaul truck and a 16ft car trailer….. we have bought a house on the East side of town and are settling into the low-humid lifestyle of AZ. Its a challenge to get used to this having left Florida which normally sees 60-95% humidity on a daily basis……

We are setting up new websites with exciting ideas and looking forward to a happy successful life within the business and personal communities.

More Later… just visit

and soon

2018 Time for a website update.


So we’ve been quiet for a while and there is good reason for that, we have building websites.

We are updating and creating exciting new sites for csfotoimages the photographic section and main company of Chris L Smith. We have started a second sister company to csfotoimages called csfprinting which is a wide format fine art printing company that will service artists, photographers and The Vintage Poster Company –  another sister company of csfotoimages selling vintage posters from 1900-1960.

We are building exciting new websites showing you that in 2018 we will be offering big, bold prints for your walls, offering handmade aviation style frames for our vintage plane images, shooting new images for stock in the West and we will be offering a bigger variety of vintage poster at competitive prices and bigger sizes.

Remember if you need high quality photography – 28 years experience, wide format printing or something to hang on that wall – reach out –


Happy Holidays


I want to wish all my FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest friends and fans a super “Happy Holidays” 2017 and may 2018 be as interesting (politically) and exciting as 2017.

I haven’t posted to my blog for a week as time has been in short supply! I have been preparing the foundations for a third business which i’m happy to announce is called CSFPrinting.

As a Photographer of many years and the former Chief Archive Photographer and Printer for the Royal Naval Air Service, the opportunity to expand my business into the World of Fine Art Printing is now here. We will be using the fabulous Canon ImageProGraf 44inch large format printer and Hamelmuhle papers

We will be launching a website early 2018 with a selection of size options and prices for photographers and artists alike to get their work printed from a company that prides itself on attention to detail and competitive prices.

More details to come, so keep looking for our blog posts….

Last day for Online Purchases


As Christmas looms nearer, owning a mail order company it’s our last day for sales on-line to actually get delivered before Christmas……. How many people out there wait until the last minute before either buying on-line or buying from a store? Thousands!

I remember working in retail when I was in my early 20’s and people would rush into the store ten minutes before we closed the doors. You could sell sand to an Arab or snow to an Inuit during those golden minutes! Men are different when it comes to buying. They should want to buy their “other arf” jewelry or something that shouts “You are special”. For some reason they often make the biggest mistake of the year. For goodness sake, don’t buy a household gadget… it’s such an insult and saying “I didn’t know what you wanted so i bought”….. a vacuum cleaner, crockpot etc. Women, if you are buying for a man, don’t buy socks or a tie….. that’s like saying, “I don’t know you and have no idea what to buy you”

If you don’t know what to buy your spouse or partner, save the day and go with the latest trend……

So what is the hottest thing this year? Well, its Ancestry dot com’s DNA test. People want to know where they come from, its’ knowing your roots. As the World seems to be more and more divided over politics and religion, people want something to hold onto. For Americans, we want to know our roots. Surprises and disappointments are inevitable, but what a gift.

So there you go. If you haven’t got a clue what to get your spouse, partner, parents, siblings, give them the opportunity to find their roots…..

Remember, Gifts: give it with love and receive with grace.





If you are a photographer like me you probably want to try out the world of aerial photography. So if you are looking for a drone, which one is best for you? Its another financial investment minefield and its just like starting out in photography all over again, Nikon or Canon, which one do I buy?

I think when it comes to drones, it’s pretty much down to one choice of manufacturer: DJI. The thing with DJI is they are a longtime established Chinese company but I have to say  their customer service record is less than impressive.

So you’ve never flown a drone, you don’t come from the age of video gamers like the kids have today. Do you want to save yourself some heartache? Buy a cheap $50-100 drone and start with that. Play with it, crash it, fix it and fly it again until you get the hang of the hand controller joystick controls and how sensitive they are. Remember, you are not driving a tank, you have to be graceful and make small movements with those joysticks, otherwise you will zoom up, down and hit something hard in minutes of your first flight. You don’t want to invest $800 and crash it in seconds!

Now you have a grasp of flying, just like those Boeing 777 pilots who trained on those small Cessna or Piper planes, you can think about moving onto the bigger “toys”. So which one?

Do you buy a Phantom 3 or 4, a hand sized Mavic or the Inspire 1 or 2? It all depends upon your budget. Your biggest criteria is what do you want it for, stills, video or stills and video. Chances are you will try out a video or two and get hooked. If this is the case, you need to make sure you buy a drone with a 4k or higher video capability.

So if you want small and easily transportable, pick a Phantom 3 Advanced or Pro, they are cheaper than the Phantom 4 but just as good unless are one of those people who must have the very latest technology.  Dont buy the Phantom 3 Standard ($500), it has a 2.8k video which is basically useless unless you want it just for fun. If you want interchangable lenses and cameras then look at the Inspire 1 or 2.

You can buy a Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional with a fixed 12mpxl stills camera and 4k video for around $800



and the Inspire 1 with an interchangable Zenmus x3 12mpxl stills camera and 4k video for $1800. If you want the Inspire 2 then expect to pay a lot more. You can add the Zenmus x5 or x7 camera to either the Inspire 1 or 2 which have interchangable lens capability. With this option you are looking at budgeting for around $5000 and more.

One big drawback with all drones is the flying time. A battery will at best give you 15-20minutes flying time. You can do a lot in 20minutes but if you’ve driven many miles to get to a place to fly, you might want to invest in a couple of extra batteries – Look to pay around $100-$150 each.

You haven’t stopped their with your spending just yet. If you haven’t already got one, an ipad is a must… remember your camera sends real-time video and you want to see where you are flying and what you are recording…. An iphone 6s Plus is a great option too.


OK, so now you’ve bought your drone. Do you want to fly it for fun or to make money? You’re a photographer, so of course you want to make money. OK you have to register it with the FAA if you are in the US and this bit is free or it was! You will get an aircraft recognition code which you have to place on your drone – just like a Cessna or Boeing plane, and you have got to go to Flight School and pass your commercial operators part 107 license test…..It’s a bi-annual test designed to give you the knowledge of how to operate your drone professionally and safely in most environments.

So now you are good to go….. Well, nearly!

It’s not manditory, but you really need to insure your investment and if you haven’t already got it, public liability Insurance. You can insure your investment against crashes and repair or replace costs with State Farm under the Personal Property Insurance policy (US). Its around $75 for an Inspire 1 but that’s a fraction of what it would cost if you lost it or crashed it.

You are set to go…. Now go fly your drone and have fun….