Monday Monday


Back to work after an exhausting weekend of shopping in those giant box-stores scrambling to get those gifts for the family that will probably go straight int a draw or cupboard never to see the light of day until next Christmas when they will get wrapped up and sent to another person….possibly you!

Shop on line with your trusty plastic friend. Something for your daughter or son who has gone off to college, or your grandson or daughter, maybe your husband spends more time in his man cave these days…..make them happy by visiting  – prices start at $30 including shipping.


Christmas of Yesterday


Christmas is for children so they say. Well we are all children at heart and I can remember times of Christmases past (1960s) when I was a small boy wanting a bicycle, GI-Joe, posters for my walls – my bedroom was my childhood man cave!

I have just sold three wonderful photographs of ww2 aircraft to a family in Ohio whose son is 7 and mad about aircraft…

It reminded me that not every boy or girl is crazy for the latest technology, some children still have the same interests that were around 50 years ago.

Bring out the inner child in yourself and remember Christmases past, perhaps you might want something to remind you of the good old days… Visit


15 Online Shopping days to Christmas


So you have decided that walking the streets with shopping bags trying to fill that Christmas shopping list isn’t for you….. Shopping on-line? Remember to order in good time for UPS and USPS to deliver. The Post Office delivers thousands of parcels per day as does UPS.

We recommend you order by at least December 15 for US addresses and December 7 for International.

Stop by and visit our partner store for some great wall decor that will satisfy any age.

Cyber Monday


Gone are the days when people huddled around the radio, or as they called it – The Wireless! Computers with CRT screens, rotary dial telephones…..everything can be found on your iphone…small neat, simple and easy to use.

One thing everybody forgets…..what happens when the power goes out? We have become slaves to technology. I find it so funny. We sit down around the Turkey on Thanksgiving and say thanks for what we have, then on Black Friday everyone goes crazy to buy that bargain that in truth they don’t really want. People are fixated on the word “Sale”….. well, we’re having a sale at our partner store – Vintage Poster Company but we are sure you want to hang one or two of these fantastic canvas prints on your wall….

Buy any two canvas prints and we will give you 20% discount….. That’s a minimum of $27 discount on two 12x36inch panoramics…

Examples: B17 12×36 and a Ford Thunderbird 12×36 – $135 each

Enjoy shopping at our store, we answer all questions within 30mins and have a five star customer service dept….

Have a great day….