If its Friday its…..

Plate of Cod and Chips in an English Fish and Chip cafe

Photo by Chris L Smith – Fish and Fries day….. North Atlantic Cod, Thick cut fries and a salad.

The traditional Friday meal of every working-class family in England. Friday was pay day and its was a treat that dad would come home with “fish n chips” wrapped in yesterday’s newspaper….

If you are living in Punta Gorda, visit the Keltic Ray pub for real fish n chips with Irish soda bread….. enjoy a pint of Guiness or West-Country Cider.


Time for that Flu shot

Adult male suffering with a flu virus seen here blowing his nose

Photo by Chris L Smith

There is nothing worse than feeling sick with a cold or flu virus.

I got my flu shot this morning…… Go to your local Publix or any store that has a pharmacy and get your flu shot, it helps more than you think. It doesnt take more than 5 minutes and if you have health insurance, it wont cost you a penny.

If I find I have the sniffles, I immediately take a large dose of Vitamin C and it seems to do the trick. But, if I do get a cold, I eat hearty food with plenty of energy boosting vitamins and keep hydrated.


Photo by Chris L Smith – French Onion Soup with Gruyer cheese and crutons

Stay safe, stay healthy…….

Sunshine and Sand

Aerial view from a drone of Siesta Key beach in Sarasota, FL
Photo by Chris L Smith – Aerial view from a drone of Siesta Key beach in Sarasota, FL

Its November. Getting colder by the day right? As we say in Florida its gone from 95F with 90% humidity to a gorgeous 84F where walking on the beach is a pleasure.

Florida in the winter has to be better than this….

An icy cold river amongst a snow covered trees in England

Enjoy your day…..drive safely and take time for yourself

Flying down to Sarasota

Jet Blue Airlines Airbus A320-232 at Sarasota SRQ airport in Florida

Photo by Chris L Smith at Sarasota SRQ

In the summertime SRQ is pretty much a sleepy town airport, the odd daily flight bringing business people and the odd tourist to visit the sweltering humid city of Sarasota.

Come November and for those plane spotters its like party time….. JetBlue, AA, United and even an abudance of private jets come to town.

1995 Canadair LTD CL-600-2B16 executive jet at Sarasota SRQ airport in Florida

The city comes to life, its snowbird season and as much as Floridian grumble at the increase in traffic on US41 Tamiami Trail and restaurants with 90minute waiting time, we love what Snowbirds bring to our economy…..

You can always spot a snowbird: When its cold us locals wear long pants, snowbirds wear shorts and have white legs.

Time to see…..

Autumn Colors at Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire

Photo by Chris L Smith – Westonbirt, England – Available at Alamy.com

We all lead busy lives every day. It is so easy to be blinkered as to what is around us as we embroil ourselves in the daily trials and tribulations.  Just take five minutes to smell the flowers or to gaze upon natures magnificent colors …..Just one minute will add something new to your life…

Shopping for the Holidays

Line of Mail boxes numbered one to six on a wooden post

OK, so you know what to buy little John and Charlene but what about uncles, Aunts and the rest of the family? Are you going to hit the sidewalk or the shopping malls around Black Friday or are you going to buy from the comfort of your armchair?

I know what I am getting from my wife, a 6ft x 2ft photo of a B17 Flying Fortress to hang in my office.


I have already seen my present, it looks awesome and an unframed copy on high quality photo paper could be yours for $150 inc Shipping…..visit: http://www.etsy.com/shop/VPCompany