Another beautiful day in Sarasota


Hard to believe its November here in Sarasota. Its a lovely warm 82f today. A perfect day for kicking back and having a spot of lunch at a sidewalk cafe…. No wonder the Snowbirds love this place, Florida the state where summer lasts six months – twice a year!


20% Discount for the Holidays

Christmas and Thanksgiving are coming and we at csfotoimages are offering a 20% discount on the purchase of TWO 36×12 Gallery Canvas prints from our Aviation or Vehicle image collection.

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Image converted using ifftoanyI have been looking at my print costs this year and so far have spent more than what it would cost to buy one of these babies: The Epson SureColor P6000 or the newer P7000 which prints up to 24inches wide ….

I print regularly sell and have printed 20-30 12x18inch prints but also have prints for sale sizes up to 24×72 panoramics which sell probably once every 2-3 months. I’m undecided as yet.

First blog post

Greeting from Sarasota, the fabulous city in SW Florida where the sunshines nearly every day and the beaches have been rated #1 in America.

I am lucky to say I live here and work, I say work, but it’s not work when you do something you love, as a travel and tourism photographer.

Married to a fellow photographer who specializes in studio photography.

Have lots to say and entertain you with in the coming weeks, months and even years.

Bye for now – Thanks for dropping in..